Tuf As Nails Water Based

Product Description

Bostik Tuf As Nails Water Based (WB) is a specially formulated non-toxic high strength acrylic stud adhesive designed to minimize nail and screw popping caused by timber shrinkage or frame movement if applied in accordance with AS 2589-1983. Bostik Tuf As Nails WB reduces the quantities of nails and screws required to fix plasterboard, therefore reducing the fastener head stopping and finishing requirements.

Recommended Uses

  • To fix plasterboard to steel or timber studs and frames (in conjunction with nails and screws)
  • Filing irregular gaps between plasterboard and frame
  • Bonding timber floors to timber
  • Bonding timber to concrete or metal
  • Bonding chipboard, plywood, Hardie-Flex sheeting to joints or solid floors/ walls

Available in a 375mL cartridge and 600mL sausage in off-white.