True Oak Deep® Roofing and Cladding System

Product Description

  • True Oak Deep® is a major development in high strength sinusoidal corrugate 
  • Strikingly different to traditional shallow corrugated profiles with no flat areas
  • Smooth rounded and deeper sinusoidal wave profile integrating both form and function — creating distinct shadow lines that can be seen from afar
  • Stronger and deeper than traditional corrugated roofing and cladding
  • Much higher strength underfoot, and far less susceptible to denting by foot traffic
  • A replacement product for similar fibre-cement high rib corrugate — manufactured and supplied to any length
  • Wider sheet coverage, ensuring rapid installation, fewer sheet laps reducing construction costs and the possibility of water ingress
  • Superior water carrying capacity
  • Where building regulations permit, can be installed at a roof pitch as low as 3°
  • True Oak Deep® features an extensive colour and metal substrate selection, providing greater design options and choice
  • Exclusive design protected manufacturing technology


  • Residential roofing & wall cladding
  • Rural and lifestyle roofing & wall cladding
  • Commercial roofing & wall cladding
  • Drape/spring curving
  • Bull nosing
  • Horizontal cladding
  • Ceilings and linings
  • Acoustic ceiling linings
  • Fencing
  • True Oak® Deep is also available in glass reinforced translucent roofing
  • True Oak® Deep Corrugate is a bolder corrugate wall and roof cladding for non-specifically designed timber-framed buildings designed and constructed in accordance with B1/AS1, NZS3604 and E2/AS1, non-specifically designed steel-framed buildings to NASH 3405, and specifically designed buildings in accordance with B1/VM1 and AS/NZS 1170.
  • When used as a roof cladding:
    • True Oak® Deep may be used with a minimum roof gradient of 3 degrees
    • When used as a wall cladding
    • True Oak® Deep may be fixed vertically directly to wall framing where the Risk Score is 0-20
    • When fixed horizontally/vertically, True Oak® Deep must be fixed over a nominal 20mm drained cavity where the Risk Score is 0-20
    • A specific design is required where the Risk Score is greater than 20


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