Tile Warehouse's Microban Range

Product Description

Are you dealing with a building standard that requires low emission status and easy-clean?

Panaria ceramic tiles by Tile Warehouse are well-known for their beauty, durability and performance. The addition of Microban® silver antibacterial technology at tile production stage provides a continuous level of protection from the growth of harmful bacteria.

Just because you cant see bacteria doesn't mean they aren't there. And only when they've multiplied to hundreds of thousands can they be seen by the naked eye. Because Microban® tiles eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface of the tiles, the need for invasive cleaning and therefore chemical involvement lowers substantially. The result is less elbow-grease and less harm to the environment.

Microban® tiles also help architects and designers contribute to the prevention of bacterial cross-contamination in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, offices, hospitals and restaurants.

They improve product quality and life.

Extended product life: the life of a product can be extended if it's not subject to bacterial and fungal degradation 

Visible cleanliness: product cleanliness can be visibly improved with an antibacterial solution.

Reduction in odour: microbes can cause noxious odours - think about athletic equipment! Reducing microbes, therefore, reduces odours.