Thermostats / Controllers For Underfloor Heating – Programmable and Non-Programmable

Product Description

Warmup has a range of programmable and non-programable thermostats for use with underfloor heating.

The range of thermostats includes:

  • Dual Touch thermostat – programmable or non-programmable for underfloor heating and heated towel rail control
  • Colour Touch thermostat (with or without WIFI) to control underfloor heating
  • Non-Programmable Electronic Thermostats to control air or floor temperature

Dual Touch Thermostat:

  • Programmable or non-programmable
  • 3 control modes: Air, Floor, Air+Floor
  • For underfloor heating and heated towel rail control
  • Built-in air temperature sensor and external floor temperature sensor

Colour Touch Thermostat:

  • WIFI option — Remote access and control via the user-friendly app
  • Colour Touch Thermostat control via app — available for download at Google Playstore or Appstore — search "Swatt Heating"
  • Electronic thermostat with a temperature control via a sensor placed either externally in the floor or built into the thermostat
  • Built-in clock/calendar with battery backup
  • Includes 4 and 6 event program for automatic comfort and setback temperature
  • Up to 7 different program combinations can be created

Non-Programmable Thermostat:

  • MTC-1991-WU has a remote floor sensor that is designed to meet the standard requirements for comfort, safety, and energy-saving
  • Locking mechanism behind the control knob to limit the amount of adjustment possible
  • The perfect solution for budget-conscious users
  • MTC-1999UCH has an air sensor