Product Description

Unsightly graffiti not only looks ugly, but it tends to attract even more graffiti.

Protect property against graffiti with Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield, a low odour, low VOC waterborne alternative to traditional anti-graffiti coatings. Once cured, if graffiti does occur, it can be removed using
Resene Graffiti Cleaner without the need to repaint.

Resene Graffiti Cleaner is formulated for effective and easy removal of graffiti and is very effective against
common materials used for graffiti, such as spray paint, links, crayons and lipsticks.

Graffiti is often called a gateway crime – left unaddressed, taggers often progress to more serious crimes, so it pays to tackle any graffiti that you do see promptly otherwise the problem will likely get worse.