Sunroom Retractable Louvre Roof - Oskura Waterproof

Product Description

A better way to enjoy outdoor spaces.

The Oskura Waterproof Retractable Louvre Roof is one of the most innovative shade and shelter structures on the market due to the retractable louvre slats that can adapt to any weather condition. This product type is mostly used by homeowners, retirement villages, hospitality (restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, nightclubs), and retail precincts.
The exclusive European-patented Oskura allows businesses and homeowners to have a flexible means to protect guests and residents from the weather or allow them to enjoy it fully. The addition of this structure, either free-standing or attached, instantly adds a touch of luxury to any establishment and a cozy outdoor area that can be used for a myriad of activities.
The motorized louvre slats can be closed to protect from the hot sunlight, UV rays, glare, heat, rain, hail or even snow. Activities like outdoor dining, socializing, meetings and even the weekend barbeque can continue regardless of the weather conditions. Oskura Waterproof features a patented retracting technology that, through a pantograph-style movement, favours natural ventilation and constant air exchange, and mitigates the heat caused by direct sunlight. During pleasant weather, the louvre slats can then be partly opened or fully retracted to let in invigorating sunshine during morning coffee or the sliver of moonlight during a candlelight dinner.
Oskura Waterproof provides for optimal protection from rain once the louvre slats are fully closed. They sit tight on the integrated gutters to eliminate wind driven splashes and are fitted with waterproofing seals and lateral channels to drain away rainwater. Additionally, the extruded aluminum louvre slats contain an insulation material that allows the product to be soundproofed to almost eliminate the noise of rain for a perfect, peaceful place to unwind.
For even more protection, sliding glass enclosures can be installed along the sides of the pergola to create an outdoor room that can be heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. For businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, the extra protection attracts or motivates customers to use the outside space thereby increasing sales revenue. For homes, this can cover the structure from an ordinary patio or deck to a usable extension of the house.
The motorized louvre slats can be adjusted electronically via remote control, wall switch, or home automation. The Oskura comes completely customised for your tastes and requirements - choose integrate LED lights and add climatic sensors to suit your individual needs.
The Retractable Louvre Roof is constructed with corrosion-free powder-coated aluminum frames that can be designed to fit any outdoor living area. The protection it gives from any weather condition converts any open-air space into a liveable and usable area. Internal, invisible gutters and downpipes within the beams and posts are used for a clean, streamlined appearance.
The Oskura can withstand what nature can throw at it. The entire louvre roof has been tested at a pressure of 4.5kPa, without any deformation or breakage of the system. The exceptional quality of the beams, posts, louvre slats, and motorized elements allow for minimal maintenance requirements.
If you are homeowner looking to maximize the value of your property, a restaurant owner seeking to maximize your open customer spaces, a hotel owner who wants to have amenities to attract and entertain guests, or an architect or landscape architect looking for a robust solution for your project, adding an Oskura Waterproof Retractable Louvre Roof system is a sure way to achieve these,

Oskura Waterproof features:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Insulated blades
  • Integrated Electric System
  • Motor Operation
  • Certification of the structure - EN 1090-1:2009/a1:2011
  • Certified Wind Protection - Uni EN 13659:2009
  • Water Tightness Certification - Uni EN 12208:2000
  • Glass Enclosure Systems (upon request)
  • Led Lighting (upon request)
  • Climatic sensors for automatic opening/closing (upon request)
  • 12 Standard colour options