StoStucco Cavity Render System

By Sto

Product Description

StoStucco is a BRANZ appraised render system based on the traditional New Zealand stucco net system. The StoStucco lath with perforations of the chip paper allow an optimal key of the lightweight mineral basecoat to sit around the stainless steel wires, providing a solid render base. UPVC flashings lock into the junctions and joinery providing a neat junction ready for a weathertight sealant. The cement free StoArmat, combined with a glass fibre mesh provides engineered reinforcement to reliably dissipate tensile, seismic and shear stress. Finished with perfectly interlocking components: Stolit fibre-reinforced coloured finishing render plus StoColor; creating a 4mm weather tight reinforcement system for reliability and protection that surpasses the facade durability requirements.

Installations are carried out by a Sto Registered Licensed Building Practitioner with the added protection of a StoArmat 15 or 20 Year Warranty and StoService Assurance, guaranteeing building code compliant materials are used and application meets building code standards, including a service plan for long-term security.

  • BRANZ Appraised
  • 15 to 20 year warranty with maintenance schedule
  • Complete installation and supply by Sto registered LBP contractor
  • Unlimited design possibilities due to the flexible lath
  • Ventilated cavity
  • Flexible and crack-proof
  • High durability and impact resistance
  • Highly resistant to mechanical stress
  • Ready-to-use
  • Range of finishes
  • Weathertight with a double line of defence
  • Faceload tested to 6.5 kPa
  • Seismic racking test
  • ISO 5660 fire tested
  • Wind pressure to 4.9 kPa 69m/sec
  • For residential and commercial applications