StoClear Coating Systems

By Sto

Product Description

Minimalist Architecture using exterior concrete and raw masonry requires coatings and treatments to protect and waterproof these natural substrates that can vary from high MPa precast concrete to low density pumice blocks. Developing an encompassing range of products has required research and testing using the latest European technology based on Silane and clear coating technology.

The S-Protect range is based on high concentrate Silane technology that has been trialled and tested on numerous iconic buildings, including The Sydney Opera House 1991, The Louvre Museum 2003, The Hang Zhou Bridge 2008, Novotel Airport Hotel 2011 and Parliamentary Library 2012.

The StoProtect range has been developed to coat concrete blocks that are required to meet the stringent tests in the new CCANZ CP01 :2014 document and is one of the few systems to have passed these test requirements.

StoClear Coating Systems:

  • StoProtect Clear Coating System for Concrete Blocks.
  • StoProtect Clear Coating System for Concrete Block & Brick Veneer.
  • S-Protect Silane Protection for Precast, In situ Concrete & Brick Construction.
  • StoPur WV200 Transparent System for Precast Concrete.
  • S-Protect Anti Graffiti Coating System.

Key Features

  • CCANZ CP01 :2014 Approved
  • Waterproof
  • VOC Free
  • Environmentally Friendly