Product Description

SOLITEX EXTASANA® is a synthetic fire retardant flexible wall underlay designed for New Zealand conditions, produced in Germany, and exceeds all of the testing standards of Table 23 E2/AS1 of the NZBC. The product consists of a non-porous water resistant film laminated between two layers of spun-bonded polypropylene, and is coloured blue on the top surface and grey on the bottom surface.

Roll sizes 1.5m x 36.5m (55sqm) or 2.74m x 36.5m (100sqm)

Complimentary Components:

  • TESCON EXTORA is used to seal the overlaps
  • TESCON EXTOSEAL Sill Tape — one piece flexible Sill Tape for window and door openings
  • KAFLEX / ROFLEX Weather-tight sealing grommets for cables and pipes that penetrate the membrane
  • ORCON Multi-purpose liquid adhesive for connections to rough and or porous surfaces


  • High performance monolithic nonporous membrane
  • Fire Retardant
  • High water resistance — water column more than 10,000 mm 
  • Low vapour resistance — MVTR of 0.25 MNs/g with active humidity transport
  • High durability under all conditions — unaffected by wood preservatives
  • Thermostable — above 100°C
  • UV stabilised — can be exposed to the New Zealand elements for 90 days
  • Air Barrier — can be used as an Air Barrier as per NZS2295:2006 and NZBC E2/AS1 Table 23
  • Surface weight 140 g/m²

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New Zealand Study on Airtightness and Moisture Management

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