Solar Storage with Electric Boost

Product Description

Solar compatible storage tanks with a 3.6kW element for extra boost if required. Tanks range in capacity from 270L to 410L.

  • Designed for direct solar systems where the water travels through the solar collectors into your hot water cylinder.
  • Can be used as a standard hot water cylinder with the option to connect to solar collectors at a later date.
  • This solar ready cylinder comes with electric elements as standard and can be used in conjunction with gas boosting appliances such as Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters
  • The collectors are mounted on the roof while the solar storage tank is located at ground level.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Made in Australia

Available in the following model configurations:

  • 51127107 | 270L | Indoor/Outdoor Installation | 640 x 1395mm
  • 51132507 | 325L | Indoor/Outdoor Installation | 1640 x 640mm
  • 51141007 | 410L | Indoor/Outdoor Installation | 1840 x 690mm