Solar LED Skylight Alternative

Product Description

Harness the sun’s energy to light your home

Our Solar Powered LED Skylight alternative is a fantastic option for applications where the installation of a Maxlight® skylight is structurally not possible. SolarBright® Solar LED Solarlight uses a 40w high performance solar panel, quality LEDs and modern diffuser kit.
SolarBright® Solar LED Skylight is a highly advanced Australian made solution to deliver free lighting into areas such as garages, store rooms, wardrobes and bathrooms.


Solar LED features

  • 40w high performance solar panel, quality LEDs
  • Delivers free lighting
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Can fit almost anywhere even in multi-level applications
  • Available in 250mm
  • Excellent performance 2800 Lumens
  • No carbon foot print
  • Mimics natural sunlight