ServoFine F333 patching ramping & smoothing

Product Description

Cement-based patching and skim coating compound with very fine grain and high polymer content. For application without primer or liquid additives on different kinds of substrates: old tiles, terrazzo, wood, screed, raw concrete floors, well prepared adhesive residues and alike. Provides a very fine grain for a true feather edge for easy skim coating and patching of indents, holes, cracks and uneven areas. Ideal for height transitions and to repair thresholds and pedestals. ServoFine F 333 can be installed from a true feather edge up to 0-25mm thickness over large areas in one application. ServoFine F 333 is formulated to dry the mixing water within itself and therefore provides a short drying time.

DO NOT USE ServoFine F 333 as a final top load.