Product Description

The Saniplus Up allows you to fit an additional bathroom with ease. With 4 inlets and a greater tank capacity, the Saniplus Up can easily deal with a WC, wash basin, bidet and even the highest output power showers, whatever you wish to use, the Saniplus Up has you covered. Inside of the Saniplus Up is a high-tech pressure chamber which stops and starts with water movement, a motor, ultra powerful stainless steel macerator blades, and of course the pump. With Saniplus Up it is now easier for you to install brand new bathroom suites in any part of the house, without all the hassle of trying to fit a new plumbing system.

The purpose of the Saniplus Up is to remove the waste from your toilet and are extremely useful if your bathroom doesn't have immediate access to a local sewage pipe as it can pump waste up to 5 metres vertically and an impressive 100mm horizontally.