Ribline® 800 & 960 Roofing and Cladding System

Product Description

Whilst aesthetics and overall appearance remain a powerful motivating factor during the selection of roof type, of equal importance are the ability of the roofing product to prevent water leakage through the lapping edge, particularly on lower pitched roofs.

Ribline®’s unique capillary lapping edge enhances performance whilst offering security against water ingress. Supplied in both 800mm and 960mm sheet coverage options, Ribline® offers additional benefits such as fewer laps, reduction in the number of fasteners required, quicker installation and ultimately a reduction in project cost.


  • Residential roofing and cladding
  • Rural and lifestyle roofing and cladding
  • Industrial and commercial roofing and cladding
  • Drape/spring curving
  • Fencing

Ribline® is a wall and roof cladding with a medium rib-height asymmetric trapezoidal roofing profile for non-specifically designed timber-framed buildings designed and constructed in accordance with B1/AS1, NZS3604 and E2/AS1, non-specifically designed steel-framed buildings to NASH 3405, and specifically designed buildings in accordance with B1/VM1 and AS/NZS 1170.

When used as a roof cladding:

Ribline® may be used with a minimum roof gradient of 3 degrees

When used as a wall cladding: ·       

Ribline® may be fixed horizontally over a nominal 20mm drained cavity where the Risk Score is 0-20. Ribline® may be fixed vertically over a nominal 20mm drained cavity with “ventilated” battens where the Risk Score is 0-20, Specific design is required where the Risk Score is greater than 20.

Ribline®’s unique capillary lapping edge enhances performance and offers additional security against water ingress.

Ribline® 800mm sheet coverage, Ribline® offers the consumer, fewer laps, a reduction in the number of fasteners, quicker installation and ultimately, reduced costs.

Ribline® 960mm can also be supplied as an extra-wide 960mm coverage sheet.

Translucent and Transparent roofing Ribline® is available as glass-reinforced translucent roofing and cladding.

A similar 5 rib 760mm cover polycarbonate skylighting matched product can also be supplied.

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