Render Brick Construction

By Sto

Product Description

StoArmat Miral or StoMiral Render Systems – are engineered to provide optimal protection and finish for all render brick construction. Installations are carried out by a Sto Registered Licensed Building Practitioner with the added protection of a StoArmat 15 or 20 Year Warranty and StoService Assurance, guaranteeing building code compliant materials are used and application meets building code standards, including a service plan for long-term security.

StoArmat Miral Render System: Provides protection and finish for render brick construction. The render bricks are base coated and levelled with LevelLite to provide a thick solid plaster base for additional reinforcement: StoArmat render plus StoMesh. The façade is then finished with the perfect interlocking components: Stolit finishing render plus a StoCoating of choice.

StoMiral Render System: provides a solid plaster finishing system, consisting of a meshed lightweight mineral basecoat, sealed with StoPlex W primer and finished with Stolit K finishing render and Sto facade paint to waterproof and complete the system.

  • BRANZ Appraised
  • 15-20 year Sto warranty with maintenance schedule
  • Complete installation and supply by Sto registered LBP contractor
  • Cement-free reinforcing compound/base coat with guiding grain
  • Ready-to-use, to save on time and labour cost
  • Highly flexible and crack-proof
  • High durability and impact resistance
  • Highly resistant to mechanical stress
  • Excellent weathertightness and water repellent properties
  • Range of finishes
  • For residential and commercial applications
  • StoArmat is a cement-free, ready-to-use flexible render , providing maximum crack and shock resistance of six times higher then that of cement based products
  • The glass fibre mesh is an alkali-resistant reinforcing mesh with total uniform force absorption that reliably dissipates tensile and shear stress