Price Holyoake OHL100WT – Weather Trap Louver

Product Description

The Price Holyoake OHL-100WT louver is a maximum performance "Two Stage" louver system with Class A weatherability performance. This system incorporates the external use of the KD-100 louver profile in combination with a horizontal second stage louver bank to the rear. The combination of these two profiles ensures that, under all but the most extreme atmospheric conditions, water ingress through the system would effectively be eliminated.

The large profile and 100mm blade spacing of the OHL100WT creates a bold line across the louver face which is architecturally pleasing. The slightly curved blade face enhances the architectural appeal of the louver. The use of the KD-100 section on the external face also allows for the OHL-100WT to maintain a continuous appearance across the face even when some openings might require the use of a two stage louver.

The OHL-100WT louver can be installed as a part of the Mechanical Services System for either intake or exhaust applications.

The OHL-100WT can be manufactured in either panel or knockdown form. The knockdown format uses the Price Holyoake "Concealed Mullion" system, which is stick built on site and once installed, creates an unbroken line across the louver face in both width and height. (subject to the installation of suitable supporting steelwork) The secondary louver at the rear is manufactured in panels, which are independently fixed to the rear of the installed first stage louvers.

 The OHL-100WT is available with a choice of two standard frame sections. The first being a 45mm flanged frame profile, with a second option being the 25mm channel section.

All of the louver components, including the rear posts and blade support clips, are fabricated from extruded aluminum, which eliminates any potential issues with dissimiliar metals within the system.

Standard Construction:

Frame: 6063 T5 extruded aluminum, square cut corners, fixed with #10 screws for rigidity.

Outer blades: 6063 T5 extruded aluminum with double weather stop.

Inner Blades: 6063 T5 extruded aluminium.

Mesh: Bird mesh or insect screen.

Finish: Powder Coat Finish (A range of Powder Coat colours)


- Two stage louver for maximum weathering performance.

- Architectural front blades.