Price Holyoake Jet Diffuser - JD

Product Description

The Price Holyoake JD range of Jet Diffusers have been designed to provide an attractive option for air conditioning large areas. JD diffusers are perfect for situations where large supply air quantities and throw distances are required. All JD diffusers are constructed from three cones that provide a uniformity of appearance through the range.

The JD has two separate modes. Firstly there is diffuse mode where the supply air is spread and diffused into the room over a relatively short distance. The second mode is Jet Mode the direction of throw can be adjusted by up to 15º from the centre line of the diffuser. Switching between the two modes is achieved by rotating the cone set though 180º.

Sizes range from 200mm to 350mm in 50mm increments. JD diffusers can be mounted directly into the end of circular duct or can be mounted in to a plenum box which may supply air to a number of JD diffusers. Alternatively the JD diffuser may be mounted into a wall or angled ceiling.