Passive ventilation system

Product Description

Houses today are more airtight than in previous generations, as aluminium windows & doors come with double seals, effectively reducing the airflow.

As houses needs to breath to reduce condensation & mildew, the Brookvent passive ventilation system is a cost effective way to create airflow.

Fairview Systems natural airflow system is designed to create airflow within the windows while in a closed position. This is manually controlled to control the internal temperature of a dwelling, increasing or reducing the fresh air.

The system availability is through the Fairview or Elite window and door manufacturers.

The Brookvent system is a cost effective way to introduce fresh air into a dwelling, it is a discrete installation in the head or cill of your aluminium window or door. Fitted into new or retrofitted into existing aluminium joinery.

A test report is available in accordance with NZS 4211:2008 Specification for the Performance of Windows, on positive and negative air infiltration tests. The test is available via the 'technical files' tab on this page.