PalGard AR2

Product Description

PALGARD Polycarbonate resists vandalism, graffiti, spray & physical attack due to a powerful combination of physical properties.

It is ideal for safety glazing in public & commercial projects as well as vehicles, as used by forestry & roading contractors.

PALGARD Polycarbonate  is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals & the increased wear that is typical of high traffic areas. Due to its excellent UV blocking, PALGARD Polycarbonate is ideal for skylights & windows when security is required.

Features & Benefits

  • High abrasive resistance on one or both sides
  • Impact resistant - virtually unbreakable
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • High chemical resistance
  • Up to 86% light transmission
  • Excellent acoustical insulation
  • Blocks out UV
  • Easy to mount & install
  • Lightweight
  • High fire rating & self extinguishing


  • Safety glazing
  • Anti-vandalism glazing
  • Anti-graffiti protection for displays
  • Prison glazing
  • Sound barriers
  • Bus stops & telephone booths
  • Shields for police & security forces
  • Industrial protective shielding
  • Windscreens in forestry & construction machinery
  • Low volume vehicles (such as Rally Cars, Caravans, etc.)
    *Flat Applications Only