MSS Floor Joist

Product Description

Humans sensitivity to floor vibrations varies significantly. Some users will have more demanding expectations and accordingly, for vibration assessment, an Engineer should be consulted to consider the exact configuration and loading scenarios.

It is suggested that for normal vibration control, the minimum of the stated allowable span for the given joist spacing, or that for 2mm/1kN point load should be adopted.

This assumes that ceiling battens are fixed at regular spacings to the bottom flange of the joists, or in the situation of no ceiling below, standard ceiling batten or top hat installed perpendicular to the joists at a maximum spacing of 3.0m. For situations requiring greater vibratation control, specific Engineering design should be undertaken and consideration given to the following steps to improve vibration performance;

(a) Use a deeper floor joist section to increase stiffness
(b) Reduce the joist spacing

Note: Floor Vibration performance tends to improve with added damping through installation of ceilings, partioins walls, floor coverings and furniture.