MODE KS1460 Gas Fireplace

Product Description

MODE’s team of designers have applied world-class innovation, creativity and expertise to the MODE KS1460, to give you more.

More than just a fireplace, this fire presents a minimalist, refined aesthetic that gets rid of all the distractions, leaving you with a fascinating flame experience that delights and disarms you.


Wider, taller and deeper than you’ve imagined – with more flame, more authenticity, more to see and ultimately, more to talk about.


The Double Sided KS1460 gives you more to look at – creating a fiery view right through to the next room. A contemporary way to visually connect two spaces.


MODE fires are so flexible in their design that they can be installed anywhere in a room, with little surround limitations. Using the latest in gas fire technology, MODE's flexible flue system keeps the surround cool, and elegant enough to fit beside any material.


  • 9 kW Heat Output
  • Smart Heat Control System
  • Remote Control
  • Fuelbed Options
  • More Viewable Glass Area 1360W x 602H


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