MIXFLO™ Pro-Series Shower Fan Kits


Product Description

These kits include powerful inline mixed flow fans that have been designed to produce higher working pressures for installations that require longer duct runs. Kits include a circular low profile interior grille, and both a louvre and weatherproof exterior grille.



  • Upgraded exterior grille - now includes both a weatherproof cowl and a fixed insert.
  • These powerful inline mixed flow fans have been designed for applications that require higher airflows with low relative noise levels.
  • Supported by a 5 year warranty.


  • MIXFLO™ Pro-Series Shower Fan Kits
    Metric Size Model No. Switching Method Colour Performance Order Code    
    100mm MFLP100S Standard White 69l/s, 250m3/hr FAN2049    
    125mm MFLP125S Standard White 89l/s, 320m3/hr FAN2050    
    150mm MFLP150S Standard White 156l/s, 560m3/hr FAN2051    
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    Circular Fascia Accessories
  • FAN0613-web  
    Metric Size (mm) Description Order Code    
    125mm Chrome FAN0757