Product Description

Fibreglass cord for impregnation with MapeWrap 21 (two component, super-fluid epoxy resin).
MapeWrap G FIOCCO is a complete range of cord in unidirectional fibreglass. It is used for creating anchorage points for repairs, reinforcement and static upgrading of structures in reinforced cement, masonry and tuff using MapeWrap G fabrics and Carboplate.
MapeWrap G FIOCCO is set in place after it has been impregnated with MapeWrap 21 two component, super-fluid, solvent-free epoxy resin, a product specially developed for impregnating MapeWrap fabrics on site.
After pulling out the MapeWrap G FIOCCO through the hole on the top of the package, cut off at the length required with a pair of scissors. Peel back the mesh on the part of MapeWrap G FIOCCO which does not need to be impregnated with resin and dip the remaining part in MapeWrap 21. After impregnation, while wearing a pair of impermeable rubber gloves, apply a light pressure with your fingers on the part of the cord which has been dipped in order to remove the excess resin. Roll the mesh back into its original position and then sprinkle fine sand on the part of MapeWrap G FIOCCO which has been dipped in the resin. An alternative method consists in rolling the said cord dipped in resin in a bed of sand. Either one of the above procedures may be used, and they are carried out to obtain a surface which offers a better grip. When the resin has set, remove the mesh from the part of the cord which is not impregnated with resin so that it is easier to spread out the glass fibres.

boxes containing one 10 m long roll.
MapeWrap G FIOCCO is available in various diameters (6, 8, 10 and 12 mm):
- MapeWrap G FIOCCO/6:
10 m x Ø 6 mm rolls;
- MapeWrap G FIOCCO/8:10 m x Ø 8 mm rolls;
- MapeWrap G FIOCCO/10:
10 m x Ø 10 mm rolls;
- MapeWrap G FIOCCO/12:
10 m x Ø 12 mm rolls