Mapeplan TPO - Roofing & decking membrane

Product Description

MAPEPLAN® production, is the new line of synthetic coverings for waterproofing, which thanks to an exclusive "multi-extrusion coating" technology is able to provide PVC-P and TPO/FPO surfaces guaranteed to last long and have great performances.

One of the most important characteristics of the MAPEPLAN® surfaces is their great workability and weldability. The thermal welding consists of an actual fusion and union of the molecular chains and provides resistance to the water head and mechanical stress. With MAPEPLAN® waterproofing systems it's possible to realize totally hermetic "continuous" waterproofing for roofing and civil engineering works.

MAPEPLAN® is also available in the "Smart White" version, in which the top layer is produced in white, which guarantees a great solar reflectance.

This covering reduces the roof's surface temperature by 50% and, consequently, also the internal temperature of the building, keeping them constant.