Product Description

Fast drying, liquid elastic membrane for interior waterproofing.
Mapegum WPS is used for waterproofing walls and floors of bathrooms and shower stalls, kitchens and work surfaces, before installing ceramic tiles or natural stone.
Mapegum WPS is a grey-coloured one-component paste with a synthetic resin base in water dispersion, totally solvent free, with a thixotropic viscosity that allows easy application on horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces. After rapid evaporation of the water content, it forms a non-sticky elastic membrane, with excellent resistance to water, tenacity, suitable for light foot traffic, that provides a highly adhesive surface for adhesives used for ceramic tiles, marble and natural stone.
Mapegum WPS can be applied by trowel, roller, brush or spray (if necessary dilute with maximum 5% water) on substrates that are sound, clean, dry, free from oils, grease, old paint or other substances that may interfere with bonding.
Mapegum WPS must be applied evenly in thin layers (about 1 mm maximum per coat). Wait for the first coat to dry before applying successive crossing coats (from about 1-2 hours depending on the environmental conditions).
Application: smooth trowel, roller or spray in two crossing coats (1 mm each).

1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25, 10 and 5 kg buckets.