MANROSE® Ducting Kits - Heat/Fan/Light Units


Product Description

Thru roof & soffit kits for ducting 220mm-250mm heat/fan/light unit models


  • Ducting kits for heat/fan/light models.
  • Shroud adaptor for 220mm or 250mm fan outlets
  • Thru soffit kit includes ducting & louvre grille
  • Thru roof kit includes tubing, flashing & cowl
  • Kit images indicative only
220mm Outlet Fan


Metric Size (mm) Description Order Code    
150 Thru-Soffit DCT0167    
200 Thru-Soffit DCT0168    
250 Thru-Soffit DCT0169    
250mm Outlet Fan


Metric Size (mm) Description Order Code    
150 Thru-Roof DCT0444    
200 Thru-Soffit DCT0445    
200 Thru-Soffit DCT0072    

Exhausting directly into a roof space is against current NZ Building Code Regulations.
These ducting kits are suitable for a range of fans & heat/fan/light units with an exhaust opening of 220mm - 250mm.