Manrose Contour Bathroom Fan 150mm


Product Description

Fans designed to meet G4 and the Healthy Homes Standard.
From 27th June 2019 the new G4 and AS/NZS standards came into effect. The G4 Building Code covers the now mandatory extract ventilation requirements for bathrooms and kitchens and the updated AS/NZS standards provide the latest guidelines for internal wet area zones in general. In addition, the Healthy Homes Standard makes it a requirement to fit extract fans in rental properties.
Keeping things simple, Manrose have designed the Contour range of fans for specific room applications as defined as acceptable solutions to G4 and as prescribed in NZS 4303:1990, AS 1668: Part 2: 2002 and other leading standards in ventilation as well as the Healthy Homes Standard.
Great installers can select with confidence. Our installers ensure the basics are always done right with duct runs and number of bends kept to a minimum. Indeed, they do everything they can to make fan installs as good as they can be. Now, by choosing the Contour fan designed for a particular room application, they can also be assured that every installation complies with the new code. Even more challenging installs, such as complex duct runs where very high airflow rates are required for high steam areas, are catered for.