MANROSE® Classic Shower Fan Kits


Product Description

These high efficiency inline fans are designed to provide higher levels of extraction for today's larger bathrooms and include a circular interior grille and louvre exterior grille.

MANROSE® Classic Shower Fan Kits


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Metric Size Model No. Switching Method Colour Performance Order Code    
100mm SF100S Standard White 23l/s, 85m3/hr FAN0017    
100mm SF100T Timer White 23l/s, 85m3/hr FAN0018    
100mm SF200S Standard White 31l/s, 110m3/hr FAN0328    
100mm SF200T Timer White 31l/s, 110m3/hr FAN0329    
125mm SF125S Standard White 36l/s, 130m3/hr FAN0064    
125mm SF125T Timer White 36l/s, 130m3/hr FAN0065    
150mm SF150S Standard White 109l/s, 394m3/hr FAN0101    
150mm SF150T Timer White 109l/s, 394m3/hr FAN0102    

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