Loline Direct Solar Water Heating System

Product Description

  • Modular design provides flexibility. Storage tanks can be mounted at the same level or below the collectors to suit site requirements and tank/collector ratios can be closely matched to maximise system efficiency
  • NPT200 collector provides good performance in all locations
  • Select from 325 litre and 410 litre vitreous enamel storage tanks or 1000 to 5000 litre stainless steel storage tanks where less footprint is required. Rheem commercial storage tanks are designed for heavy duty applications and are supplied with high temperature enamel and 50mm fittings as standard
  • Provides partial protection against freeze. Freeze protection is provided by sensors which activate the solar circulator before freezing occurs in the collectors. Rheem Loline is warranted against freeze damage in areas below 400m altitude. An optional electric water heater can be incorporated in the design to assist in freeze protection
  • The solar controller can be connected to a BMS system to indicate normal operation or fault mode
  • Use Equa-Flow manifolding to connect as many tanks as required in a variety of configurations