Legge Single Action Reduced Swing Doorset

Product Description

BRANZ appraised, the Legge Reduced Swing Doorset is a unique solution that has been designed to provide greater accessibility for people with impairments and to provide better utilisation of space.

Unlike a traditional door, the Reduced Swing Doorset is designed to be hinged at two points, and comprises of a two panel articulated door. This unique design allows the door to fold in on itself in a concertina type action, and following an elliptical curve reduces the swing area to approximately 1/3rd that of a conventional door of the same width.

By reducing the swing area, accessibility for people with impairments is greatly improved, as the need to manoeuvre out of the way of the opening door leaf is eliminated. The design also results in a smoothness of operation that provides a greater ease of use.

Reducing the swing area also results in the more efficient use of both floor and wall space. A conventional door that opens onto a corridor or into a room requires the needed space taken up by the door width. By reducing the swing area, greater utilisation of space is achieved, as you only require space for 1/3rd of the door opening.
A conventional surface or cavity sliding door restricts the wall space to which fixtures can be mounted, however because the reduced swing door utilises a standard frame, the wall space either side of the doorset can be fully utilised.

Single Action
The simple single action doorset is ideal for confined areas and retro fitting into existing doorways used by people with physical impairments.
The single action doorset is a complete unit comprising a door frame, a two panel door leaf, operating gear and door hardware. The first panel of the door leaf is hung on a top and bottom pivot, whilst the action of the door is guided by a top pivot in the second leaf and a roller within the track at the head of the door frame.

The door hardware meets the requirements of NZS 4121:2001, and comprises of a Legge 990 series mortice lock/latch with corresponding Legge Alpha lever furniture (500, 700 or 800 series).

Application: Residential, Commercial

Warranty: 10 Years