Legge 8800 Series - Electric Strike

Product Description

The Legge 8800 Electric Strike is a robustly designed product, which can withstand a holding force up to 680kg. It features Door Position Switch (DPS) and Lock Position Switch (LPS) monitoring signals and is field-selectable fail safe and fail secure modes. The latch cavity is designed to operate with 12-15mm door latch given a 3mm door gap. There should be a 1mm clearance between the door latch and the strike to prevent jamming when the door is closed. The 8800M model is a monitored Electric Strike designed and manufactured with the security-conscious in mind.

Application: Commercial

General Specifications:
Input Voltage: 12/24 VDC
Holding Strength: 680kg

Warranty: 5 Years

- Fail Safe
- Fail Secure