LCN 4020T ST Series - Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Door Closer

Product Description

The LCN 4020T-ST1895 and ST1895-1 Series door closers are specifically designed and templated for pivoted accessible door applications. Under normal operation, the closer allows pivoted doors to open inwards and self close in a controlled manner. In the event of an emergency and an obstruction prevents the door from opening inwards, provided a removable stop is present, the innovative design means the closer arm can disengage from the track, allowing the door to open outwards to provide unimpeded access.

The LCN 4020T-ST Series is a heavy duty closer designed to be used on aluminium, hollow metal or wood pivoted doors that have a removable frame stop and is ideally suited for accessible bathrooms and toilets in commercial applications.

Application: Commercial

Warranty: 10 Years