Keylite Roof Lantern

Product Description

Let light bring your home to life with Adlux Keylite Roof Lanterns.

The Keylite Roof Lantern is a stunning daylighting solution. Not only are they better at channeling light from all angles than their flat roof counterparts, but they can also create a wonderful architectural showpiece in your home offering an aesthetically-pleasing and effective roof solution to add natural light into your favorite room.

Precision engineering, optimisation and modern manufacturing techniques have created a beautifully proportioned, thermally efficient, strong and secure roof lantern for your home which simplify installation

Keylite Roof Lanterns provide a traditional look with all the advantages of a thermally broken aluminium construction manufactured with innovative design features that ensure long term weatherability. Aluminium roof lanterns are a sleek, eye-catching addition flooding natural light into your new or existing property. 

Keylite Roof Lantern features:

  • Complete Roof U-Values from 1.2W/m2K
  • 100% Thermally Broken
  • High Performance Glazing
  • White polyurethane internal finish
  • Single Tool Assembly
  • All-in-one Glazing Retainer