Interlinking Rails (Handrails)

Product Description

The Juralco Interlinking Rail system is a complete solution for top rail compliance on semi-frameless and frameless glass balustrades.  Developed to comply with NZ4233.3.2016 requirements; where an interlinking rail is required for frameless glass barrier, unless the barrier is laminated safety glass with stiff interlayer.

The system includes a choice of round or rectangular interlinking rail styles, especially designed for a slim and sleek finished look, which can be powder coated to match balustrade fixings or joinery. Matching rail joint connectors and end plate fasteners (for structures and posts), are all part of the solution, for easier installation and a stylish top rail solution.

Part of a complete Interlinking Rail system, including gaskets for 12 or 15mm toughened glass, rail connectors, end plates for rail attachment to structures or posts.  Swivel and 90 degree connectors are also available for the rectangular rails only.

Range includes:

  • Specialist gaskets for 12mm and 15mm toughened glass — Makes installation easier, whilst maintaining structural bond to the glass
  • Rail connectors for quicker and easier jointing on rectangular top rail. Available in three options:
    • Fixed 90 degree
    • Vertical swivel for staircases or ramps
    • Adjustable horizontal for remaining angles

Key Features

  • Conforms to NZS4223.3.2016 and Building Code Clause B1.3.4
  • Interlinking top rail suitable for all Juralco frameless/semi-frameless glass balustrade systems
  • Aluminium finish can be powder coated in a wide range of colours that match the balustrade fixings or home’s joinery
  • Choice of two rail styles — Rectangular or Round
  • Slim rail design for minimal impact on frameless glass finish
  • End plates for easy, clean attachment to structures or posts
  • Can also be used in conjunction with other compliant balustrade systems.  
  • Five year warranty on Interlinking Rail
  • 10 year warranty on powder coating
  • Custom made Interlinking Rail solution


Scope of Use

Juralco Interlinking Rails are suitable for use in conjunction with frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades, to satisfy NZ4233.3.2016 requirements.

Interlinking rails can also be fitted as a handrail; mounting directly to frameless glass panels or posts on semi-frameless glass installations.


Limitations on Use

  • All infill glass must be toughened safety glass, complying with AS/NZS 2208
  • Dulux Duralloy powder coating is used for properties greater than 100 metres from high tide level, where AMA 2603 performance is required
  • Dulux Duratec powder coating must be used for properties greater than 10 metres and up to 100 metres from high tide levels where AMA 2604 performance is required
  • All interlinking rails must be attached at their ends, to a building structure or balustrade post
  • Juralco Interlinking Rail must only be installed in accordance with the Interlinking Rail product specification manual

The Juralco Interlinking Rail Producer Statement (PS1) is for the top/interlinking rail system only.  A separate PS1 is required for the approved balustrade system outside of the Juralco systems that the Interlinking Rail is being installed on. Any deviation from standard fabrication or installation must be accompanied by a site specific PS1, with site specific calculations and drawings listing the non standard details. Juralco can help with arranging site specific producer statements.


Statement of Building Code Compliance

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Juralco Interlinking Top Rail and Interlinking Rail has been engineered and tested by independent engineers to comply with:

  • NZ Standard NZS4223.3.2016
  • NZ Building Code Clause B1.3.4



  • 5 year warranty on Interlinking Rail
  • 10 year warranty on powder coating