HYDRO SEAL - Bituminous Masonry Sealer for buried structures

Product Description

Hydro Seal is a black waterproof membrane that has been formulated to act as a damp-proof membrane behind retaining walls and buried structures. 

  • It’s suitable for concrete, concrete block and brick-work, wood and metal.
  • Passed the vapour flow resistance level requirements for a water vapour barrier as per E2/AS1 BRANZ Report number DC2547
  • Meets moisture vapour permeability requirements of NZS 3604:2011


  • Hydro Seal is simple to apply by brush or roller
  • Is compatible with green concrete
  • Has excellent adhesion to masonry and concrete etc.
  • Fast cure time
  • Low water permeability
  • Sulphates and ground salts resistant

Technical Data

Form: Thyrotropic liquid mixed 
Solid content: 60% 
Density: 1.00kg/L 
Application temperature: 5°C to 50°C 
Drying Time: 4 – 6 hours at 20°C, 12 – 24 hours should be left between coatings 
Coverage: Additional to the primer coat – The minimum total application rate is 1 Liter per m2 (2 coats of 1/2 litre per m2 each). Depending on the substrate quantities this might vary slightly. Limitations: Not to be exposed to sunlight.
Self Life: 12 months when stored in original packaging.
between 1°C –  35°C

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