Hot Weather Additive

Product Description

Resene Hot Weather Additive is specially formulated to retard the dry of Resene waterborne paints. Warm, dry conditions and hot surfaces result in too rapid drying of waterborne paints. This may lead to excessive foaming on application and generally poor application properties such as short wet edge times and impaired levelling. Resene Hot Weather Additive additions of 2%-5% will generally improve most application problems caused by too rapid drying. In more severe cases more Resene Hot Weather Additive is beneficial. Do not use more than 10% (400ml per 4 litres). Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee on Resene decorative coatings - see Resene for more information.

Resene decorative coatings are tinted using unique Resene non VOC tinters enabling you to achieve the desired colour without added VOCs.

Engineered Systems Coatings products are tinted using special Resene industrial tinters. Remember Resene can create a customised specification free for your project - contact us for more information. Order colour charts and drawdowns of Resene colours from the Resene website.