Homestead Prefabricated Balustrade Panels

Product Description

Homestead balustrades use prefabricated aluminium panels for residential installations that require a strong, entry level aluminium balustrade system.

Homestead balustrade is designed for residential applications requiring a minimum 1000mm high barrier.


Key Features

  • Homestead panels are pre-made as a complete barrier option, including an attractive handrail
  • Racking panels available for both balustrade systems
  • Can be top mounted or face fixed
  • Homestead balustrade use a specially designed bracket for installations on waterproof decks
  • Choice of wide range of high quality powder coat colour finishes available
  • Complies with AS/NZS1170:2002
  • 10 year warranty on powder coating


Scope of Use

Homestead balustrade is suitable for residential applications such as deck or balcony barriers and stairways. Prefabricated as a ready made balustrade solution, Homestead uses a 1360mm x 975mm panel that can be top mounted or face fixed on a range of substrates including timber, steel and concrete. Panels can be raked up to 35° or installed on waterproof decks using a specially designed fixing bracket, which maintains the integrity of the waterproof membrane.


Limitations On Use

  • Homestead balustrade must only be installed in accordance with their respective product manual
  • Any deviation from standard fabrication or installation must be accompanied by a site specific PS1, with site specific calculations and drawings. Juralco can help with arranging site specific producer statements
  • Not suitable for commercial applications
  • To protect installations within 100 metres of the high tide level, or above 3 storeys Dulux Duratec powder coating must be specified. Duratec has been specially designed to withstand these harsh environments and has a 20 year warranty.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

  • Homestead & Contemporary balustrades are NZ designed and engineered systems,  which are tested by independent engineers to comply with NZ standards AS/NZS1170, FOSP Act 1987, New Zealand Building Code B1, B2, F2 and F4..
  • Homestead & Contemporary balustrades are suitable for Occupancy A, A Other and C3 Residential.


Other Performance Attributes

  • Dulux Duralloy powder coating is used for properties greater than 100 metres from high tide level, where AMA 2603 performance is required.
  • Dulux Duratec powder coating must be used for properties greater than 10 metres and up to 100 metres from high tide levels where AMA 2604 performance is required.