GIB® Quiet Ties

Product Description

For use in Double Frame GIB® Sound Control Systems. Provide a structural yet noise rated connection between frames of double stud walls
* GIB® Quiet Ties are least prone to on site performance reduction due to workmanship, penetrations and flanking paths etc

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The GIB® Quietline™ and GIB Tone® Quiet™ tile range will be consolidated to 4 board perforation patterns and 1 tile perforation pattern.

The patterns that will continue to be available include:

  • 15501    GIB® Quietline™ Circle 8mm Ø 8 Panel with 10% Perforation
  • 15397    GIB® Quietline™ Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel with 10% Perforation
  • 15502    GIB® Quietline™ Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel with 20% Perforation
  • 15503    GIB® Quietline™ Random 1 Panel with 15% Perforation
  • 15506    GIB-Tone® Quiet Tile: Circle with 15% Perforation

Please contact Winstone Wallboards about any current specifications that utilise the obsoleted patterns.