GIB HandiBrac®

Product Description

Panel Hold-Down Bracket Developed in conjunction with MiTek™, the GIB HandiBrac® has been designed and tested for use as a hold-down bracket in GIB® BL and UP bracing elements. The GIB Handibrac® is a substitute for bottom plate hold-down straps.

* Panel hold-down bracket in GIB® BL and UP bracing elements
* Quick and easy to fit
* May be fitted at any stage before lining
* Framing face is clear to allow flush lining
* Easily inspected

The GIB HandiBrac® provides quick and easy installation. The registered design provides a flush surface for the wall linings because it is fitted inside the framing. There is therefore no need to check in the framing as is recommended with conventional straps. Because the GIB HandiBrac® conveniently allows for installation and inspection at any stage prior to fitting internal linings, it is suitable for both new and retrofit construction.

GIB HandiBrac® is sold in boxes of 10, each box containing 5 pairs.

Components per paired pack include;
- 2 x GIB HandiBrac® Brackets
- 2 x Washers
- 16 x Tek Screws
- 2 x BOWMAC screw bolts (only in specific marked packs)

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