Forté Muuro Collection - 10mm Engineered Interior Panelling

Product Description

Muuro provides an excellent alternative to traditional timber panelling and sarking products as its real wood veneer provides the same look at a more affordable price, whilst its engineered construction ensures that the product is structurally stable and will not warp or bow like solid timber products. It's long 2.7m lengths - with no shorts means that you can achieve a seamless, join-free look when laying vertically on walls up to 2.7m high. Muuro is supplied pre-finished in a range of colours, and requires no further finishing after installation, and is quick and easy to install. 

Muuro can be used on walls & ceilings in interior applications such as; residential, retail, workplace, hospitality. Muuro is not recommended for use in wet areas. 

  • Dimensions: 10/0.6mm H x 125mm W x 2700mm L
  • Availability: Stocked
  • Application: Interior walls & ceilings
  • Engineered timber product
  • 0.6mm clear grade European Oak or Walnut veneer
  • Brushed surface reveals the natural woodgrain pattern
  • Extra matte Bona® Matte Lacquer
  • Made in Spain. PEFC® certified, Greenguard certified, Carb2 compliant
  • High quality, low VOC glue
  • Clear grade timber (no knots or cracks) gives a premium clean, contemporary look.
  • Long 2.7m lengths ensure no joins are required when laid vertically on walls up to 2.7m high.
  • Supplied pre-finished, saving installation time and money.
  • Moisture-resistant HDF core with Unifit X® joint profile. Unifit X® locking joint profile ensures quick and easy joining of the planks.

Muuro product images from left to right: 

  • Muuro Buff Oak
  • Muuro Fresco Oak
  • Muuro Sienna Oak
  • Muuro Umber Walnut
  • Muuro Noir Oak
  • Muuro Construction Diagram