Flush Panel Interior Doors

Product Description

Superior Doors: Choose Flush Panel Interior Doors for a Timeless and Stylish Look

Flush Panel Interior doors are a timeless and stylish option that can enhance the look of any home. With their clean lines, durability, and versatility, Flush Panel Interior doors are a perfect choice for both modern and traditional décor styles.

Superior Doors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably strong and durable. Our doors are meticulously crafted using premium materials and rigorously tested to withstand the demands of everyday life. Our doors are resistant to delamination, twisting, and bowing, making them ideal for use in a variety of climates and environments.

If you are looking for a high-quality Flush Panel Interior door that is both stylish and functional, Superior Doors is the perfect choice. We offer a wide variety of Flush Panel Interior doors in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Flush Panel Interior doors.

Core Options:

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Solid Core

Superior Doors provides the option of a premium High-Density Solid EPS Polystyrene Core, made from fire-resistant EPS. Solid EPS cores offer the best in thermal insulation, providing an R-value that is significantly higher than H1 minimums nationwide. Comprehensive R-Value information may be found in the Superior Doors H1 Guide. Solid EPS Cores have almost 100% glue contact area, giving them resistance to delamination, as well as excellent durability and strength. Superior Doors' Solid EPS cores are certified low VOC, making them an elegant solution for a huge variety of applications.


RibCore is Superior Doors’ cost-effective alternative for a durable, thermally insulative and lightweight interior door. RibCore doors have up to 42% glue adhesion between the core and the door skin, while traditional honeycomb paper core - used by most other manufacturers - has about 4% glued contact between the door skin and the core. RibCore is a low VOC option, what this means is simple, a strong door that can easily absorb what life throws at it without delaminating, bending or bowing.

Moisture Resistant (MR) Particleboard Core

For a door that needs a significant amount of hardware, or improved acoustic performance, a Solid Moisture Resistant Particleboard core is an excellent option. Superior Doors' Moisture Resistant Particleboard Cores are FSC-certified materials, and are low VOC, making them the perfect option for environmentally forward projects. Solid Moisture Resistant Particleboard cores additionally boast up to 100% glue contact area, giving them resistance to delamination, and enhancing the existing strength of the core. For those who require a door with maximum impact resistance, the MR Particle Board solid core option is the perfect choice. The MR Particle Board Core is more moisture-resistant than standard particle board and is the ultimate core option for strength and durability.

Steel Reinforcement Options

Steel reinforcement is necessary for barn doors, and cavity, wardrobe and surface sliders, as well as in areas where the door may be exposed to an ambient temperature difference, a change in moisture content, or direct sunlight. A single box section is typical on the lockblock edge for hung doors, to ensure no sagging of the door over time, and two - one on the lockblock edge and one on the other - is considered typical for slider applications. To learn more about what kind of steel reinforcement may suit your needs, visit our website at, or contact the Superior Doors team at [email protected]. Steel Reinforcement is not suitable for a RibCore door, this is to prevent show-through of the internal components – is a steel reinforcement is necessary in your door, EPS Solid Core or MR Particleboard are suitable choices.

Skin Options

Superior Doors offers a range of skin thicknesses to suit all situations and needs.  Thicker door skins increase strength and durability, allow for deeper, more substantial grooving and reduce component show-through for a flatter, higher-quality finish.
• 3mm
• 4mm
• 4.75mm
• 6mm
• 9mm
All MDF skins are made from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified materials, and are pre-sealed with a low VOC, moisture-resistant sealer.