Eurostyle™ epic™ Roofing and Cladding System

Product Description

With the architectural world continuously searching for the very latest in new products, design inspiration, and sound engineering practice, Roofing Industries is pleased to bring a revolutionary series of European inspired Roofing, Wall Panelling and Soffit Panels all manufactured using the very latest advances in German technology to the New Zealand Market.

Predicted to be at the forefront of the building, design and construction industries, Eurostyle™ is an elite roofing and walling system which will most certainly stretch the boundaries by offering building designers and building owners - elegance, style, design flexibility, sustainability and extensive material choice. Eurostyle™ is certainly not designed to be a "look-alike" and finds favour with those in the architectural and design industries that recognise and appreciate quality.

Applications and FeaturesResidential roofing and cladding

  • Commercial roofing and cladding
  • Internal walling and wall linings
  • Heritage buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Soffit lining
  • Internal and external interlocking wall panelling
  • Concave and convex curving
  • Onsite manufacturing available
  • Variable pan withs 135mm -635mm
  • Recessed soffit panel out to maximum 25mm joint
  • Large range of metal substrates and surface finishes available
  • Eurostyle™ is also available in glass reinforced translucent roofing
  • A full range of matching accessories is available including ridging, flashings, underlays, fasteners and rainwater systems


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