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Eliment wall insulation is a new generation of high-quality glasswool insulation, manufactured in partnership with PGF Insulation, that is intended for both thermal and acoustic insulation applications. Eliment wall insulation improves indoor comfort through temperature control and minimises sound transfer between walls. The product is available in R2.2, R2.4, R2.6, R2.8, R3.2, R3.6 and R4.1.

It is manufactured using recycled glass and SensiTouch Technology, a phenolic resin based binder that incorporates a natural anti-formaldehyde ingredient. The Eliment wall insulation range encompasses multiple densities, thicknesses and dimensions to suit typical timber framed constructions and to satisfy a broad spectrum of building requirements.

Product Features

  • Firm Friction Fit Insulation. The rigidity of the wall insulation makes it easy to install and is self-supporting within the cavity. 560mm widths can reduce wastage and cutting for 600mm stud spacings.
  • Environmentally Sustainable. Made using up to 80% recycled glass, Eliment is also free from CFCs, HCFCs and other ozone depleting materials.
  • Reduced Sound Transmission. Designed to reduce transmission of unwanted noise, Eliment improves the acoustic performance of your building.
  • Vermin Resistant. Does not encourage growth of mould, fungus, bacteria or act as a food source for rodents.
  • Non-Corrosive. Will not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium.
  • Non-Hygroscopic. Water vapour absorption less than 0.2% by volume.
  • Non-Combustible. Eliment is inherently non-combustible and won’t burn if exposed to fire.
  • Soft to Touch. Specifically engineered to produce a softer feel compared to conventional  glasswool.
  • Superior Warranty. We stand by the quality of our product and offer a 70 year product warranty.
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