Edgetec® PosiGlaze Balustrade System

Product Description


The Edgetec® PosiGlaze is a revolutionary frameless glass balustrade and pool fencing system with unmatched performance. Designed for a wide range of applications, PosiGlaze offers exceptional aesthetic appeal as well as alignment flexibility during and after installation.

Supporting glass from 12mm Toughened up to 21.5mm SentryGlas™, with patented screw-clamp technology, elevates your projects with the ultimate in adjustability, strength and elegance. Transform your space with the pinnacle of frameless glass balustrade systems.

The Edgetec® PosiGlaze Frameless Glass Balustrade and Pool fencing system is a top or face fixed channel system for frameless glass balustrades.

PosiGlaze is a sleek channel system that can hold any 100mpa glass up to 21.5mm for installations where any uninterrupted view is of paramount importance. The system is also fast and easy to install against uneven surfaces.