Edgetec JH Clamp Balustrade

Product Description

Edgetec JH Clamp is an architectural grade aluminium clamp system for 12mm/15mm toughened glass panels that fixes to the external edge of decks and stairs. Designed as part of the Edgetec heavyweight frameless glass balustrade range, the JH Clamp system offers unobtrusive fixings and clear views beyond the glass panels.


Key Features

  • Fixings hidden behind matching cover plates
  • Interlinking top rail incorporated into finished installation
  • Clamps set at 600mm centres with 300mm overhang
  • 30mm thick body sets glass out from deck (improves drainage and cleaning)
  • Designed and assembled in New Zealand
  • Hidden fixing detail available for wooden deck
  • Choice of custom powder coat colours for finished look
  • Choice of 12mm or 15mm heavyweight toughened safety glass panels
  • Complies with NZS1170, NZBC Clause F9, and 162C of the Building Act (pool safety legislation)
  • 5 year warranty on balustrade
  • 10 year warranty on powder coating
  • Custom made solution


Scope of Use

JH Clamp Balustrade is for Domestic and Residential Occupancy types A, A Other and C3 and for Commercial Occupancy Types B, E, A Other and C3 Occupancy Types as per AS/NZ 1170.1.2002. 

Edgetec JH Clamp balustrade is suitable for deck and balcony barriers, internal stairways or landings and can be fixed to timber (including waterproof decks), concrete, and steel.

Additionally, the JH Clamp system is available with a detail that hides both the external boundary joists and the JH Clamp, so the glass panels have no obvious fixings.


Limitations of Use

  • Not suitable for Commercial C1/C2, C5 and D applications
  • The Edgetec JH Clamp must only be installed in accordance with the Edgetec JH Clamp product manual
  • Glass must have a minimum strength of 100mpa
  • An interlinking top rail must be fitted for frameless glass balustrades
  • All glass edges must be polished
  • All glass holes must be smooth and free of chips and cracks


Statement of Building Code Compliance

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Edgetec JH Clamp balustrade system has been engineered and tested by independent engineers to comply with NZ standards AS/NZS1170, NZS4223.3.2016, New Zealand Building Code B1, B2 and F4, NZBC Clause F9 & 162C of the Building Act (pool safety legislation).
  • Edgetec JH Clamp balustrade is suitable for Occupancy A, A other, B, E C3 Residential and C3 Commercial.
  • An interlinking top rail has been incorporated into the Edgetec range to comply with new 2016 balustrade regulations - NZS4223.3.2016.
  • Any deviation from standard fabrication or installation must be accompanied by a site specific PS1, with site specific calculations and drawings.


Other Performance Attributes

  • All infill glass must be toughened safety glass, complying with AS/NZS 2208.
  • Dulux Duralloy powder coating is used for properties greater than 100m from high tide level, where AMA 2603 performance is required
  • Dulux Duratec powder coating must be used for properties greater than 10 metres and up to 100 metres from high tide level where AMA 2604 performance is required
  • 5 year warranty on balustrade
  • 10 year warranty on powder coating