Eclipsa™ Eaves Lining

Product Description

Eclipsa Eaves Lining are pre-painted sheets made from 4.5mm thick fibre cement, ideal for eaves, soffits, verandahs, porches, carports and any ceiling area where a pre-finished, easy clean surface is required.

Our Eclipsa Eaves lining is specifically designed to line eaves and soffits in residential homes and comes as a pre-painted, smooth, flat sheet.

The speed at which Eclipsa Eaves pre-cut sheets can be joined and installed makes them a cost effective coverage solution.


Features and benefits

  • No Painting costs save both time and money
  • Resistant to fire, rot resistant and resistant to moisture damage
  • A slip sheet minimises marks on paint surface during transportation and installation
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a white acrylic finish
  • Classified as non-combustible material
  • 10 year coating warranty
  • 15 year product warranty


Product profiles

Thickness: 4.5mm
600mm or 1200mm


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