EARTHEN Natural Clay Plaster

Product Description

An Artisan plaster finish to enhance any interior. 

Rockcote Clay Decor is a natural product available in almost every corner of the earth, contains no VOC’s or cements. It is composed of fine white china clay, silica sands, and natural binders. This is then mixed with water and Resene colourant to create a workable material for plastering.

Clay Decor is a breathing surface in that it assists in regulating both humidity and temperature by absorbing and releasing vapour. It makes rooms more tolerable in humid weather, and when the weather becomes drier it releases moisture into the room helping to improve the air quality.

Clay Decor is a hard, durable surface that can be repaired when damaged, re-surfaced and even completely recycled. 

Clay Decor plaster can also help moderate temperature swings - wall surfaces remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The more clay used in a room the greater the beneficial effects including acoustic.