DULUX AcraTex 501/1 AcraPrime Water Based

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 501/1 AcraPrime is a pigmented (white) 100% acrylic water based primer/sealer used in typical AcraTex Texture Coatings systems over clean, porous masonry.

DULUX AcraTex 501/1 AcraPrime Water Based acrylic primer/sealer is applied to the substrate to unify the substrate porosity, it ensures maximum adhesion and provides excellent key for following texture coats, particularly DULUX A951 Trowel On and 952 Spray On.

• Water based
• Penetrates masonry surfaces
• Seals masonry surfaces

• Easy application and economical clean up.
• Foundation for uniform adhesion & extended durability of subsequent coatings
• Ensures consistent appearance and finish of total system.

Product Code: 194-20809