DULUX AcraTex 400/4 Tiltwash

Product Description

DULUX AcraTex 400/4 Tilt Wash is a water based low toxicity cleaning solution specifically designed to remove form oils & bond-breakers from concrete panels. To be used prior to the application of a paint/texture system.

DULUX AcraTex 400/4 Tilt Wash is designed to be applied over Tilit Up or Off Form concrete panels that have been treated with a bondbreaker or release agents prior to painting to ensure maximium adhesion of the subsequent coatings. It is designed to be sprayed onto the substrate then quickly washed off with water.

• Water based
• Removes Bondbreakers
• Spray application
• Fast removal of bond breakers

• Easy application, clean up
• Cleans and conditions the concrete removing any stubborn contaminates.
• May be applied by airless spray which greatly reduces time on site.
• Uses only approximately 1/5 of water vs high pressure water blaster method

Product Code: 194-85773