Duct Reducers


Product Description

Reduce the size of your duct run by using a duct reducer.

  • Poly: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Heavy duty, robust
  • Positive lock duct tabs
PVC Reducers
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
125:100 DCT2067    
150:100 DCT2122    
150:125 DCT2066    


Poly Reducers
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
200:150 DCT0486    
250:200 DCT0487    
300:250 DCT0488    
350:300 DCT0489    
400:350 DCT0490    
450:350 DCT0774    
450:400 DCT0775    
Insulated Reducers
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
200:150 DCT0901    
250:200 DCT0902    
300:250 DCT0903    
350:300 DCT0904    
400:350 DCT0905    
450:300 DCT0916    
500:450 DCT4237    
Metal Reducers
Metric Size (mm) Order Code    
200:125 DCT0084    
225:150 DCT0078    
250:150 DCT0162    
315:300 DCT2996    
  • Products with the order code showing are generally ex. stock lines - other sizes may be available to order.
  • Nude combination fittings will be supplied in component form. 
  • Insulated versions may not be ex-stock but should generally be available within 2-3 days of ordering.
  • Should you have an ongoing requirement for an item that is not a standard stock line please discuss with us and we will review stocking the item for you.